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Kulcha knox, born Knox Dixon, on the April 15 on the high tropical mountains of Manchester Jamaica, son of a great Radio Broadcasting Pioneer “FREE I”. Blessed by many travels and tours Rwanda tour 1996 Officially named by Bongo Man, introducing him onto the stage as the prolific chanter “NAKI”. Europe & Africa Tour in 1996 Germany – Rwanda Artist: Iqula – Shashamane Band Africa Tour in 1997 Ethiopia – Malawi Angola travel 1997 Kariang Tour 1998 Switzerland – Italy – France – Germany Artists: Terry Ganzi, President Brown, Doniki Africa Tour 1998 Israel – Ivory Coast South Africa Travel 1998 David House – Capleton Tour of Europe 2002 and 2003 England, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Holland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland North and South America Tour Caribbean Tour Jamaicans recognize him as a “sample DJ”, full of lyrics, melody, style & pattern, fashioning his career as a DJ with, Destiny, a sound system from Manchester, alongside Garnet Silk “Likkle Bimbo”, Everton Blender, Tony Rebel, Daddy Meekie and Little Meekie, they excited the Manchester region. First album : Praise Jah Again For Kariang Music Ltd. Collaborations: For his part in the massive seven Artist combination “Anything for you” featuring Snow. ” Kiss an angel good morning” Remix featuring Percy Sledge. Two remix tracks on Sade’s Lovers Rock Album, ” King of Sorrow” and ” By Your Side”. Two tracks on Peir Poljak’s Album, “Kingston Karma “. Two tracks featuring Capleton, “Big Time Event” and ” Punch Line Fi Hit”. ” Let My People Go” featuring Jack Radics. ” Rolling” Featuring Jamali. Combination with Doniki: ” Poor Man” and ” A Little Love”. His profound style, natural energy, and conscious lyrics is evident in his current hot single, ” One Word”, “Home of Music”, Things That You Do”, “Happy Anniversary”, and ” Heart of The City”. Look out for his new album. Coming Soon! “Jah Guide until”.